Email Marketing

10 Ways To Boost The Effectiveness Of Any Email Marketing Campaign

The proof of any successful email marketing campaign is in the results. By applying some simple tweaks to your campaign, you can see a big difference when it comes to performance. Here are ten actions you can take that will guarantee your next email marketing campaign is more successful than your last:

  1. Automate your emails so they are sent early in the morning. After all, what’s the first thing you do when you start work in the morning? You check your email. So does just about everyone else. Emails are less likely to be opened in the afternoon.
  2. As Smartphones become more powerful, more people than ever using them for sending, receiving and reading email. Make sure your emails are fully compatible with mobile devices.
  3. The more links you have in your email, the more chance you have of getting a clickthru.
  4. Make sure the sender name used on emails is immediately identifiable with your business. Emails with generic domains, such as Gmail and Yahoo! are more likely to end up in the spam folder or the trash.
  5. It might sound obvious, but keep it relevant. Quality content is what gets you clickthrus. Keep it fresh and never send duplicate material, as that’s one guaranteed way to unsubscribes and spam complaints. The more engaging the content, the more successful your email marketing campaign will be.
  6. Social networking has changed the game when it comes to online marketing campaigns. Excellent content can and will go viral, so make sure there are social media sharing and follow buttons to all your emails. However, be careful. While great viral content can be of huge value, bad content has the potential to go viral for all the wrong reasons.
  7. In the past, an option to view a web version of your email on the Internet made it possible for devices with slow processors to view complex digital media. Today, these still appear in search engines and are useful for boosting your SEO if you integrate your best keywords.
  8. Use every available tool you can to gather data on your customers and on your marketing efforts. Multi-channel analytical data from websites, CRM, email marketing campaigns, social media and mobile sources can tell you a lot about your customers are how they engage with you.
  9. Measure your clickthru and open rates. Anything over a 25% open rate and 3% clickthru rate is good. Use A/B testing to find out what it is that’s getting you the best performance and use that information to make future campaigns even more effective.
  10. Here’s another commonsense tip. Make sure you have a subscription link on all your marketing material, whether online or in a physical format. Every new subscription is a potential sale.