5 Inventive Ways to Get More Email Marketing Subscribers

No matter what business you are in email marketing can be a serious asset in helping you get more business. The potential of email marketing is only limited by your creativity and email subscriber list. In this blog post we are going to look at 5 inventive ways to help grow your subscriber list. If you want to find out more about creative ways to use email marketing check out this blog.

Read on to find out how to grow your email subscriber list…

1.     Facebook Sweepstake Competition


Image Via Heyo

Facebook can be excellent platform for getting new email subscribers.  If you are willing to give away a small prize in return for an email address it can deliver a strong ROI for your business. The prize can be relevant to your products or services. If you own a bike shop for example, the prize might be a free bicycle service.

There are many platforms available to help you create your competition. Platforms like Heyo are easy to use and provide an interface in which to run your competition. Your Facebook sweepstake competition can be up and running in literally minutes.

2.  Release a Subscription Only Guide

free guide

Image Via Cueblocks

Do you have content ideas that your target market is interested in? If so, why not ask website visitors to subscribe to your email list in return for the content. If they are interested in your content they will gladly subscribe in order to get what they are looking for and you will get another email subscriber for lead generation. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

3. In-store Newsletter Signups

Online isn’t the only place to sign up new email subscribers. In-store is an ideal location for attracting new sign ups. All you need is a pen and paper. After your customers have paid offer them the chance to sign up to your newsletter to receive the latest discounts and offers.  You’ll be surprised at how many will jump at the offer!

4. Improve Your Website Subscription Form


Does your newsletter subscription form look dull and drab? Sprucing up your form can help attract new subscribers with enticing calls to actions and design. The example above is a screen grab taken from Social Media Examiner. The form entices visitors to sign up in a number of ways:

Herd Mentality – The first line of text mentions that 270,000+ people have subscribed to the Social Media Examiner newsletter. The inclusion of their subscriber numbers is a psychological persuasion tactic that is used to create a “herd mentality” with visitors .i.e. If 270,000 of my peers have signed up I don’t want to miss out!

Call to Action Button – When thinking about your call to action there are two elements to consider, design and text. The call to action button needs to stand out with bold colour and the text needs to reflect an action. In the example above the button is an orange colour that stands out from the green background. The text uses “I’d love Updates” as the call to action. It is a friendly and inviting turn of phrase and a lot more interesting than the standard “submit”.

Freebie – Notice how Social Media Examiner offers a free report as part of their newsletter subscription form. Offering something for free is an additional incentive for visitors and works to attract more subscribers.

5.Use a Newsletter Subscription Pop Up Box

pop up

Image Via Blur Group

Another way to increase your email subscribers is to use a pop-up subscription box on your website. The pop-up box should appear after a visitor has been on your website for longer than 30 seconds. Waiting will help ensure that your visitor is interested in the content that you have to offer. WordPress offers a variety of free and paid pop up newsletter subscription plugins which you can download here.

We hope this guide will provide you with the Inspiration needed to grow your email subscriber list. If you need help with growing your list or any aspect of email marketing talk with one of the eZine team today.