Advantages of Pay as You Go Email Marketing

Pay as You Go Email Marketing

At we have developed email marketing pricing options with the end user in mind. Our pricing suits every requirement. Whether you are looking to send a newsletter to hundreds or thousands of subscribers or are looking to schedule your newsletter weekly or monthly.  In this blog post we highlight the advantages of one of our packages; DIY Pay as You Go email marketing.

What is Pay as You Go Email Marketing

Pay as You Go email marketing is a way of sending newsletters to your subscribers where you pay per email send. You are not tied into a monthly contract and can send as often or as infrequent as you like.

What are the Advantages of Pay as You Go Email Marketing


The main advantage of using the Pay as You Pay as You Go is the freedom and control that the package allows. You have the control to decide how many newsletters you want to send out during the month. With other packages you are limited to a fixed amount of email sends.

No Monthly Fees

There are no monthly fees with the pay as you option. The only payments you need to make are when you send out your newsletter.


The package is a good option for those who may only send the occasional newsletter. As you pay per send you won’t feel obliged to send a quota of emails in the month.

Create Your Own Template

Creating a newsletter template is free and easy with template builder. Our intuitive system allows you to create stunning newsletters in less than an hour.

Low Cost

The Pay as You Pay as You Go is an affordable way to launch an email marketing campaign. You only pay Euro 10 + vat per send and with a low additional cost of 2 cent per contact email address. Its excellent value for money.

Detailed Reporting


One of the many exceptional features of is the detailed level of analytics reporting. With the Pay as You Go package you receive detailed reports about your email marketing campaign. Find out:

  • How many people opened your email
  • Where your email subscribers are located
  • Who clicked on links in your email
  • The bounce rate
  • Social sharing statistics
  • And much more …!

To sign up with for the DIY Pay as You Go email option, simply go to our pricing page and click on the Order Now button on the DIY package. If you have any questions contact our sales team who will be more than happy to help.

Premium support is also available for all customers of who may need a helping hand in email marketing.