Generate More B2C Leads With Email Marketing

When marketing to businesses, there’s usually more than one decision-maker to be convinced, which can mean a drawn out campaign, consisting of several approaches. With B2C email marketing, the process is much quicker. All you need to do is deliver persuasive emotional content, preferably with a focus on price or value, and the results can be instantaneous. No wonder B2C email marketing has become one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to connect with potential customers and turn them into loyal repeat customers.

Tailor your content to target consumers

Email has been shown to be the marketing channel that consumers trust most – closely followed by website content – which, incidentally, is where you want them to go next. Making that happen is all about tailoring your content to your consumer audience.

When it comes to tone, don’t be afraid to go for the heart – or the heartstrings, to be more precise. Solve issues your customer didn’t even know they had, but keep it soft and friendly with just a hint of urgency.

Content is king. Here is where you can make the biggest difference. Always offer rich, unique, relevant content, segmented appropriately to each stage of the customer life cycle. While some might already be repeat customers looking for something new, others may not have purchased yet, so it’s important you research your audience and target each segment appropriately.

Three ways to win with B2C email marketing

There are three ways in which B2C email marketing has been proven to win over customers:

  1. Delivering promotions – Everyone likes a good deal and when that discount is delivered direct to your inbox, it’s even easier to act upon it.
  2. Staying in touch – Customers need to be reminded that you’re still there when they need you. An email blast addressing customers that haven’t purchased in a while can rejuvenate sales instantly.
  3. Cross-selling – Brilliant new products don’t sell themselves. Let your customers know you’ve a brand new service they simply can’t do without. Cross selling can be particularly effective for optimising revenue from regular purchasers.

Take advantage of social networking

Never underestimate the power of social networking in B2C email marketing campaigns. The wide uptake of social networking platforms has been great news for email marketers.

Make sure your B2C email marketing is populated with social network links to guaranteed more clickthrus and don’t forget that all-important ‘share’ button to get your customers doing your work for you.

Again, the key here is to make sure your content is worth sharing. Focus your efforts on providing the best possible content and let your customers and their friends do the distribution for you. Just make sure all your readers can find the ‘subscribe’ link easily, and you’ll soon be seeing the results.

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