What type of newsletter design do I need for my email marketing campaign?

One of the most frequent questions our customers ask is, “what type of design should I use for my newsletter?” It is a question that is relevant to many Irish companies and one that needs to be answered in order to run a successful email marketing campaign. In this post we are going to answer the question and give practical examples of how companies have tailored their newsletter design to their email marketing objectives.

Email Marketing Objectives

Before you start to think about your newsletter design, you need to determine your email marketing objectives. Ask yourself, “What is the objective of my email marketing campaign? Examples might be:

  • Getting subscribers to read your latest news or blog
  • Using your newsletter to highlight a special offer or promotion
  • Upsell or connect with existing customers
  • Content or multimedia promotion

Once you determine the objectives of your email marketing campaign the next stage is to think about your target demographic.

Target Demographic

The type of imagery and design of your newsletter should be determined by your target demographic. If your demographic is 20-30 year old females interested in fashion then your newsletter design and imagery should resonate with this demographic.

Let’s explore some examples of newsletters and the type of email marketing objectives they wanted to achieve.

News Round-Ups

Inspiration Marketing is an online marketing agency based in Dublin, Ireland. Their newsletter provides a recap of their latest blogs. The tone is informative and conversational and invites subscribers to find out more about each blog topic by clicking on the links. The objective is to provide resources for subscribers to help improve their online presence.

Practical eCommerce is a blog that provides advice on all things eCommerce. The Practical eCommerce newsletter focuses on content promotion. Each piece of content gets introduced and subscribers are invited to learn more if they are interested in a topic. The newsletter design focus on big, bold content titles, introductory text and smaller images.

The goal of the newsletter is to get subscribers to read and engage with the latest blog posts on the Practical eCommerce website.

Product Promotions


Photobox are an online retailer that provides personalised photo gifts to customers globally. Their newsletter design is focused on promoting their product discounts. Large, hi-quality images are used to reflect the company’s product range and to give subscribers an idea of what their products look like.

The promotion is the first thing you notice when you open the newsletter and the sense of urgency, “ends tomorrow”, helps to persuade subscribers to get the deal “while it lasts”.  The goal of the newsletter is to get subscribers to use the voucher code before the offer runs out.



Content Promotion


Asos know their target market inside and out. Their target demographic is in their 20s and their newsletter content and design is highly representative of this.  The newsletter in the example above uses graphic images with bold colours to grab the attention of the subscriber. The left image is a link to a video and the right side images links to a guide about jeans. Both forms of content promotion are used to help subscribers join the community of Asos and ultimately get them to shop online through their website.

Let your email marketing objectives and target demographics guide the design of your newsletter. By following these steps your newsletter will get a better response and conversion rate.

Need help designing your newsletter? Talk with the Ezine.ie team for email marketing design advice.