Ezine Features: Anti-Spam Measures

Genuine Emails Should Get Delivered

We’re all too familiar with the problems spam cause so it’s useful that the ISPs have policies and procedures in place to try to tidy up the service we receive. Ezine.ie only supports email activity that is implemented in line with pertaining Data Protection legislation. However if the ISP has doubts about your email activity – even where it is totally legitimate – your sender reputation can be damaged and so can ours!

We follow best practice and we work closely with customers to ensure all our obligations are met. We want to make sure that your legitimate emails reach the inbox and we’ve taken many steps to achieve the best possible results in this respect. Some are listed below.

1. Clarification of the Source of email databases

ALL our clients are requested to confirm that any databases used on the system have been developed in line with data protection regulations. If in doubt, please check here or call the data protection office link to www.dataprotection.ie

2. Hands On Approval of Email Content

New clients are given a review of their first email in terms of making sure the content is appropriate, the opt-out option is included, the sender is clearly identified and generally the email is delivered in line with best practice etc. If we can help by highlighting obvious considerations, we’re delighted to do so though it is the responsibility of the database owner to ensure the legal criteria is met. Also in the unlikely event that there is any doubt about the authenticity of the activity, the service may be withdrawn.

3. ISP Feedback

We monitor feedback from ISP’s and this means that if a subscriber identifies your email as spam, we can take them off your list on an automatic basis.

4. Email Authentication

This enables clients to prove they are themselves! Through the use of software like DKIM & DMARC we can clarify that your emails are from you and optimise the chance of being successfully sent.

5. IP Management

We deliver campaigns on a variety of different IP’s  – to ensure that if any problem does arise, others are not affected as we have access to multiple options.