Ezine Features: Send Emails

The interface to send email couldn’t be easier – to check it our properly, why not try it out for free?

1. Make it DeliverableEzine.ie - Send emails

A variety of processes including Authentication, careful management of ISP communications, top-rated mail servers and other procedures and systems are in place to make sure your messages get delivered.

2. Time Zone Options

You can choose exactly when your subscribers get your messages. This can be pre-set so no need to work late!

3. Hardware Failure Measures

You can have confidence in the physical set-up – with a series of measures in place to protect you against any hardware problems.

4. ISP Communications

We’re plugged into the feedback loops of mainstream ISP’s such as Yahoo and  Hotmail so if someone on your database identifies you as spam, we’ll take them off your list.

5. No additional Hosting fees and Super Quick CDN

We host the images for your email marketing activity so you save on potential hosting fees. Best of all, this is an extremely fast service – so no long download waits (tho’ remember to optimise your images!)

6. Free archive of your sent campaigns

Add a line of code to your site for a full archive that automatically updates.

7. RSS to Email ›

Sending monthly blog updates or looking for a way to integrate your website content into your newsletters? Schedule delivery every time you update your RSS-enabled website.

8. Our Autoresponders

Birthday greetings, holiday messages and other date based messages become so simple using autoresponder. Staying in touch with your subscribers by building automated messages is so easy. You can send a single message or schedule multiple emails over time, and it’s so easy to do. All you need is the anniversary of a custom field and an exact date. They work well and improve your reader’s experience in many ways with that personalised touch.

9. Security

Security is of paramount importance to us, as is deliverability. Any type of hardware failure is safeguarded against, with redundancy existing at each and every layer of our application.

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