Ezine Features: Track Activity

1. Detailed Reporting – Who Opened What WhenEmail Marketing Analytics

Monitor openings, click-throughs, forward-ons, those who unsubscribed, all bounces and much more stuff!

2. Performance of the Email Design / Messaging

You can immediately see what links are being clicked and what aren’t – this will help you to research whether it is the design or the messaging (or pricing?) that’s working brill or not working! Watch out for trends by comparing different email messaging results – what worked for other campaigns, is there a similar pattern etc.

3. Integration with Google AnalyticsEmail Marketing Analytics

You can use the Ezine.ie Email Marketing Analytics in conjunction with Google Analytics to monitor conversions.

4. Export Reporting to a Spreadsheet

It’s simple to export the reports to systems such as Excel to analyse performance.

5. Mobile Access

Your reports will be as mobile as you are – check out the easy interface that works in most devices.

6. Automated Management of Unsubscribes and Bounced Emails

We can automatically remove unsubscribes and bounces from your list however you can also access a list of these to review the position, secure correct emails where necessary etc.

7. Tracking Conversion Rates and ROI

Our in-depth reports will enable you to study just how effective your campaigns are performing. Exporting the results to Excel is child’s play.

8. Compare your Different Campaigns

Tracking enables you to compare conversions, clicks and opens if you are using multiple campaigns. Watching your stats can be an exciting, obsessive but ultimately rewarding thrill and we make it so much easier for you.

9. Social Sharing

You will be able to see who shared your email on Facebook or any other social media platform and also who forwarded your email to a friend who may be interested in your service.

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