Ezine Features: Design Beautiful Emails

Design a templateTemplate Builder

Creating your own email using the Template Builder is easy. All base layouts are optimized to be responsive across all platforms. You do not even have to know how to code. All you need to do is choose a layout, add the colours, logo and branding as required and then load your content.

If you have the skills you can also externally design and code your own email marketing template, which can then be imported into the system. Or if you would like a bespoke template designed for you we would be happy to help.

To view more on the Template Builder please click here.

Adding Content

Having designed an attractive template, the next step is to add the text, images, links and social sharing buttons. Try your best to have content that is personalised for every subscriber. The email editor makes this very easy.

To view more on the Template Builder please click here.

Inbox Preview

It is possible to send free tests to any network. You will be able to see how your email will appear in a multitude of browsers, such as AOL, Outlook and Lotus Notes. Spam filters on your desktop, firewall and server will be used to run your campaign. You will be able to see what your emails look like with images blocked and also see browser variations.

Update in Browser

If you are comfortable with HTML you may feel you need to make a change to the email design live in the browser. If you need to make any changes to your email design we make it very easy for you by highlighting syntax in HTML allowing you to easily find the snippet of code you need to alter.

Spam Testing

Your campaign will be run through spam filters on your server, desktop and at the firewall level before anything gets sent. We run tests and analyse your email until we get to the root of the problem and give instructions how to fix it.

A/B Split Testing

This function allows you to test different subject lines, sender details and email designs. This enables you to have full visibility as to which email style gets the most optimal results, before you conduct a full send.

This can be easily achieved via the responsive software within Ezine.ie.

Re-usable Templates

A web page can become a reusable template with a handful of simple tags. A flexible template language enables anyone with HTML knowledge to have attractive and extremely flexible templates that can be altered and updated in the editor.

Dynamic ContentPersonalise

Having dynamic and personalised email content will show that you really care about your subscribers. Apply tags to the HTML to roll out emails with personalised images, text based on field values. It is the individual touch that will work wonders for your email campaign.

No Unsightly 3rd Party Logos /Links

We never put our own logo or links back to us on your email. It’s a bad look.

Our Templates are Mobile Readymobile-ready

Any templates that you design will be perfectly optimised to render on any device. The email will look just as good on a desktop as it will on a mobile device! It will be clear how your email will look on an iphone as you build it, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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