Ezine Features: Manage Subscribers

1. Customise it AllEzine.ie - Manage Subscribers

You can re-organise the Look & Feel of the subscription process – just as you want it.

2. Intergate the Subscription Page to you Site

It’s easy to customise and integrate the sign up form so emails are automatically added to the right database. You can also give more than just one unsubscribe button –  recipients can state their subscription profile.

3. The Subscribe Button

By simply copying and pasting a snippet of code you can add a subscribe form to any page you like on your site. It couldn’t be simpler! The subscribe form looks attractive and is unobtrusive.

4. Enlist through your iPad

Your iPad can serve as a subscribe form that can be displayed at an event you are attending or even your own store. It is an easy way to enlist customers wherever you may be.

5. Segmenting Subscribers

It is possible to target a niche group of your subscribers – for example you can target the group who opened your last two emails. Alternatively you can target subscribers who live in a certain locality or are interested in a particular topic which is only relevant to them.

6. Subscribing from Facebook

It is possible to have a sign up form on your Facebook page. This is very easy to do. It gives you an extra avenue to sign up subscribers from your social media channels – you simply install the app on Facebook.

7. Confirm SubscribesSubscribers

There is a simple process whereby you can choose to request subscribers to confirm their details once they subscribe – it’s particularly important to confirm the email address.

8. No Limit Databases

Name as many list categories as you want to and we can automatically ensure that new sign-ups go into the right category/named list.

9. Suppression of those who Unsubscribe

Emails who unsubscribe are kept on a list and we ensure that they are not re-sent an email – this is an added protection for list managers and subscribers/unsubscribers.

10. Import Subscribers Easily

The system makes is very easy to upload lists of subscribers – whatever the number.

11. Customize!

Both sign-up and unsubscribe forms can be customized to create the look and feel you want with very little effort on your part.

12. Subscriber Preferences

Subscribers can outline their own preferences and change some of the details of their subscription and also update their personal details.

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