Why use email markerting

Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

The Snapshot

  • Email marketing provides a competitive ROI
  • Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with current clients
  • It should be a key element to any companies marketing strategy
  • There is a wide range of software that supports email marketing

What is Email Marketing?

What is email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most commonly used forms of marketing. At this stage anyone with an email address will have been the recipient of some sort of email marketing communication.

Email marketing has developed a bad reputation in certain quarters due to unethical and illegal spamming or sending of unsolicited emails. Legally email marketers are required to follow clear guidelines and strict rules around email communications including obtaining the permission from those they wish to communicate with. Email spammers do not adhere to these legal guidelines.

Email marketing is therefore focused on sending a commercial message to a specific group of people, either current or potential clients who have given their consent to be emailed. The content of such emails may contain product / service updates, special offers or deals. It is important that all email communications are relevant to the subscriber, are timely and contain useful or interesting content or a compelling offer.

Email marketing can help to build brand awareness and develop your client relationships. A well planned and executed email marketing strategy over time should result in increased sales of your products and services.

Email marketing should therefore be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. But only if done correctly. One key point to remember is to make it easy for your users to unsubscribe from future emails. This gives the emails you send much greater credibility and creates trust. It’s also legally required!

Why Use Email Marketing?

Why use email markerting

Email marketing has consistently outperformed social media as a way of attracting customers. It is still much more effective than Facebook and Twitter at attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.

Some positive benefits of using email marketing include:

Why creating an email marketing schedule is important

Once you have decided to focus resources on developing an email marketing strategy, it is important to ensure that you are sending emails to your subscribers on a regular basis. The schedule that you create is important as it helps you to develop a closer relationship with your subscribers over time.

Email marketing is normally not as effective when used on a once off basis. Maintaining a consistent level of communication is vital to ensure that you are receiving the greatest ROI from your email marketing activity.

Why use a local email marketing company

One of the advantages of using a local email marketing company is that you can access real time support. The current problem that exists with many providers of email marketing software including the ‘freebies’ is that they are virtually impossible to contact via the telephone.

Ezine.ie offers all of our premium level clients’ telephone and email support for issues. This gives our clients additional reassurance that their email marketing campaign activity is kept on schedule.

Want To Get Started?

If you would like to start your first email marketing campaign please contact us today. Our email marketing template builder allows you to create and send emails in literally minutes.

The low cost and rich functionality contained within the Ezine.ie software makes it the ideal email marketing software. It is free to create an account, design a template and import your subscribers.

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