Email marketing increased ROI

Email Marketing More Bang For Your Buck

The Snapshot

    • Email marketing represents a great ROI
    • Email marketing ROI increased by 16% in 2013
    • Email marketing is going to increase in 2014
    • 77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted and triggered email campaigns
    • The Functionality of can help you achieve excellent ROI

Email marketing ROI

Email marketing experienced a massive increase in ROI in 2013. This has obviously made email marketers very confident about 2014. ROI has been reported to have increased by 16% during the last year; this data was contained in a recent report by the Direct Marketing Association.

This is an infographic from the report, and displays some other interesting statistics about ROI in relation to email marketing.

It is clear from these findings that email marketing is only going to increase in popularity over the months and years ahead, as companies attempt to build on this success.

Why Has Email Marketing ROI Increased?

Email marketing increased ROI

There are of course a variety of reasons for the increase in the ROI of marketing emails. One thing that has been identified as being of particular relevance is that of segmented emails.

As is displayed in the above graphic segmented emails were responsible for 60% of all email profits in 2013. Specifically targeted emails have also resulted in increased revenue streams.

Segmented emails are basically emails that you send to a specific group of subscribers within your email marketing database. It is therefore not surprising that more targeted emails are having a better response among subscribers, than more general mail shots.

The real key learning to take away from data such as this should be to ensure that whenever possible you are being very specific about what subscriber base you target in your email marketing campaigns.

The fact that 38% of marketers segment their audience into over 6 different categories shows that this more targeted streamlined approach is being adopted by an increasing number of companies

According to this report the most responsive emails were:­

Responsive emails

These should be findings that you incorporate into your own email marketing strategy. This again clearly displays that more targeted emails get much more engagement with subscribers, than vague generic mail sends.

ROI has also become a much bigger priority across the marketing community. And again according to the research conducted by the DMA, only ¼ of marketers view click and open rates as important.

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